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As we wrote back in April 2019, Microsoft announced almost a year ago that January 14, 2020 is the official drop-dead date for its venerable Windows 7 Operating System. This means the end of Microsoft security updates and this also means many 3rd-party security tools like anti-virus, may no longer function.

The moment security updates stop, any future security vulnerability discovered will be quickly exploited by “Malicious Actors” a. k. a. “Hackers”. In fact, it is likely that there are discovered vulnerabilities that have not been exploited by hackers in anticipation of unpatched Windows 7 systems after January 14, 2020. We’ll soon know.

Again - This is a significant risk to your business operation!

If you are responsible for technology matters in your organization, what is your best course of action to manage any remaining Windows 7 systems?

If you are a current BrightWire client, rest assured that your Windows 7 systems are slated for upgrade or replacement. Our “Windows 10” deployment team is actively building new systems or upgrading newer Windows 7 systems every day between now and January 14th.

If you are not currently working with BrightWire, you will want to ask your IT services provider or IT department how they plan to address this event. You will also want to find out now if they will be able to complete the required work prior to the January deadline. It’s advisable to get ahead of this sooner rather than later since we expect an exceptionally busy end of the year in 2019.

Here’s the BrightWire plan for our clients:

As we conduct regular IT management meetings with our clients we are actively working to determine the best action for each unique client situation. In some instances, Windows 7 systems can be upgraded in place, which saves the cost of purchasing entirely new hardware. In most cases, Windows 7 systems will need to be replaced or retired.

Here’s a brief checklist of considerations to help design your Windows 7 plan:

  • Determine the number of Windows 7 systems in your organization.
  • How many systems less than 3 years in service? May be able to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • How many systems more than 4 years in service? Recommend replacement.
  • Does the system run important software that does not work properly on Windows 10?
  • Can that software be upgraded to a Windows 10 version?
  • How will this impact your budget cycle? Should we consider financing?

Performing these steps now, and scheduling the necessary project work soon, will go a long way toward a smooth transition to a more secure IT environment.

We’d be happy to answer questions you may have about the Windows 7 deadline and how the BrightWire team can help! Feel free to call me direct: 360-890-3041

Todd Whitley

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