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Brightwire Is Looking for New Hires!

 BrightWire is actively involved with the SPSCC internship program in the Cybersecurity and Network Administration (CNA) program where students are prepared to enter the professional field of Cyber Security Technician, Network Administration, and Desktop Support Technician.

Our leadership team actively participates on the SPSCC Advisory Committee to provide industry insight and guidance to SPSCC as they continue to develop the CNA program.

Why is this important to the local business community?

By actively recruiting recent graduates and providing paid internships, local employers like BrightWire have direct access to and influence with a new generation of career-minded professionals. We’re able to provide a meaningful career path and relevant training for these new graduates which is great for us as employers. This also benefits the local business community because it keeps a skilled workforce in the local area; and finally, it provides opportunity for the students and graduates themselves as they transition into full employment with companies that have an active interest in their success.

Last summer, our paid intern Gareth, proved to be such a valuable addition to our team, we are now able to offer him a full-time work-study position as he wraps up his degree program at SPSCC. This is a win-win for all because he will receive credit toward his program while also working full time. Once his program completes in a couple of months, Gareth will then transition to permanent full-time employment with BrightWire.


Paid Internship Opportunities

This summer, BrightWire plans to provide two paid internship positions which will focus on our efforts to upgrade and replace Windows 7 operating systems before the deadline in January 2020. There’s much work to get done! We met several promising students at the job fair and hope to bring a couple of them onboard for the summer and perhaps beyond.

Through our active involvement with SPSCC, we’re able to recruit highly skilled talent and provide a direct career path for their chosen profession. This is a positive for our clients and team as well, since this gives us the ability to build a strong service team with advancement potential. We strongly believe this builds a positive team culture that creates a positive service-minded team which is a direct benefit to our clients.



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Monday, June 01 2020
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