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Referral Program

Are you a current Managed IT Services client?  Do you enjoy BrightWire's services?  Do you know others that you think might also enjoy it? Would you be willing to share?

If so, let us treat you with a Gift Card ... one for you AND one for your friend!

For a while now, we've asked our clients whenever we close their service tickets, how likely they would be to refer us to their friends and colleagues.  We decided to now reward those who do just that.  For a limted time, when current Managed IT Services clients refer friends and colleagues (who may be a good fit for BrightWire), and that person participates in a visit with BrightWire to their site, we will give each of them a Gift Card, just to say thank you!

We understand you might have questions, and you may want to check with your friend first.  At BrightWire, Todd Whitley can answer your questions, so ask for him when you call 360-528-6017.  When you are ready, use the form below.  Thank you very much!

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