Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Help Desk - Just Say "Hi Jessica"

Apple has Siri.

Amazon has Alexa.

BrightWire Networks has … Jessica.

Jessica is a fully autonomous, sentient being able to listen to client requests over the phone or read them over email, and quickly and compassionately understand, prioritize and route those requests as service tickets to BrightWire tech support teams.

Jessica has been in constant development and improvement for just over 30 years. Jessica’s voice recognition is smooth and consistent and her response phrases are natural and engaging.  To activate her, just call in and say:  "Hi Jessica!"

Yes … Jessica is a real person.

She answers the phone and connects you with other live persons who are also there to help you.

BrightWire uses a sophisticated electronic ticketing system that tracks and manages Help Desk requests from opening through to completion. Once each issue is solved, the ticket is closed, and a quick survey is distributed via email to gauge our client’s satisfaction.

With our Professional Services plan, unlimited Help Desk is included at no additional charge. We want you to call the Help Desk! Because we want to know if your system needs any adjustments, and because Jessica wants to hear how you’re doing.

And if Jessica is taking a break, don’t worry about it. We have other live persons to back her up.

Where will Jessica send you?  To our Tech Support squad.  Buckle up.


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