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Secret Weapon

Learn BrightWire's Secret Weapon

We believe there’s a big difference between BrightWire Networks and all of those other IT support providers out there in the Olympia and Tacoma, WA area. In fact, we make much ado about BrightWire Networks’ SECRET WEAPON, which we keep safely hidden in this box. Check out this 7-minute video about the day that an intrepid independent journalist (that we made up) crashed a regional conference to learn the truth.

WATCH the video:
“BrightWire’s SECRET WEAPON for Beating the Hackers and Phishers”

Ok, that was fun. But the fact is that we do have a secret weapon that we use on behalf of our clients.

Below is the 26-minute presentation “Beating the Hackers and Phishers” in which Todd Whitley teaches the class the hazards and safeguards of computer security and reveals what is inside THE BOX.

 WATCH the video:
Hackers Phishers Box
"Beating the Hackers and Phishers" presentation by Todd Whitley.

Done with that? Spoilers ahead!

In a nutshell, BrightWire’s Secret Weapon is the fact that we are our clients’ out-sourced IT Department and an integral part of their competitive IT advantage. You get five for the price of one:

  • BrightWire is our clients’ Help Desk with full service telephone and email based support that is available 24/7 to help with simple tasks, major emergencies and everything in between.
  • BrightWire is our clients’ Tech Support as we train their staff about how to recognize email threats and then even simulate phishing email attacks to keep team members on their toes.
  • BrightWire is our clients’ Remote Monitoring and Maintenance as our software tools probe the defenses of our clients’ systems, monitor their up or down time, and proactively recognize problems.
  • BrightWire is our clients’ Systems Engineer and we can design, scope out, source and procure everything needed for IT system refreshes or complete equipment overhauls.
  • BrightWire is our clients’ Virtual CIO and we work with them to evaluate potential system investments. We can determine which new technologies are truly game-changers versus the shiny gadgets, and we can compare rival CRMs or Line-of-Business software.

At BrightWire Networks, we think outside the box, and we have Managed IT Services down to a science and an art. No Kidding.