Do You Know a Business in Need of Worldclass IT Support?

The BrightWire Networks Story


What happens when you combine an enterprise-level systems administrator with a customer-focused business entrepreneur?

Todd Whitley and Gordon CarlisleYou get an IT firm dedicated to not only providing unsurpassed technology solutions, but also attentive, caring and refreshing service to business clients. In 2005, Gordon Carlisle and Todd Whitley founded BrightWire Networks in Olympia with a vision to serve local area businesses with technically excellent IT support, while also delivering worldclass personalized customer service.

Gordon moved up through the IT support and systems administrator ranks over a dozen years in private industry. During his career at a Fortune 50 financial services firm, Gordon and his team supported 875 servers, maintaining 99.997% up-time. He learned that there were many ways to simultaneously boost productivity and reduce operating costs. Gordon decided that he would like to bring this level of sophistication to small and medium sized business clients.

Todd spent and opened a coffee shop in a busy hospital in California after recognizing the need and opportunity to serve a large number of staff and guests with excellent coffee, quick service and compassionate care. Years later, Todd successfully sold that business and learned computer and network support at a local IT services provider. He quickly realized the need to treat small to medium sized IT support business clients with the level of respect, care and compassion that he provided with his coffee service.

In 2005, Todd and Gordon founded BrightWire Networks, and built their business to include local manufacturers, trade associations, private medical clinics, professional service providers and small governments. From 2010 to 2015, BrightWire Networks grew in terms of employees, sophistication and software tools and refined its systematic approaches to operating and maintaining computer systems as well as quickly and decisively solving customer challenges.

Managed IT Services Model

Over the past several years, BrightWire Networks has fully embraced the philosophy of Managed IT Services. Through agreements with clients, BrightWire keeps clients’ systems running smoothly over time with its standardized tools instead of merely waiting for things to break in order to fix them. And when things do go sideways for clients, BrightWire is only a short phone call or email away with fast friendly service to get things back on track.

BrightWire Networks is now a team of around 15 people, complete with the two founders, Help Desk, Tech Support, Purchasing and Business Development. BrightWire hires “people-people” with technical skills because our priority is on the customer experience.